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Excellence Edge International was started by a group of dedicated, zealous and passionate entrepreneurs and trainers in 2007, who desire to build a better community for people to live in. Today, Excellence Edge International takes pride by being a provider for a wide array of cutting-edge training programs, coaching and mentoring services to various schools, corporations, organizations and the public. Today, EEI is the ideal one-stop training, life-coaching and consultancy partner to meet the increasing needs and demands of corporations, schools as well as individuals.  Our areas of training expertise include the following:



  1. Overcome Your Fears in Public Speaking and Business Presentations
  2. Mastering Emotional Intelligence for Peak Performance at the Workplace
  3. Influential, Persuasion and Empowering Skills
  4. Consultative Selling using Neuro-Linguistic Programming Techniques
  5. Customer Service Excellence-Delivering the Customer Experience
  6. Cutting Edge Skills at the Workplace: Creativity and Innovation
  7. Managing Change and Cultural Diversity at the Workplace
  8. Negotiate to Success at the Work


    With a wide array of training and coaching programmes, our management is confident of reaching out to our prospective pool of clients both locally and overseas. We believe that with a very strong support from our investors, our management and staffs, our business associates and partners, Excellence Edge International will grow and prosper in the training and coaching arena and above all to provide a one-stop training needs for all our clients.



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