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About Aventis School of Management
Country : Singapore
Category : Others
Over the years, Aventis has successfully partnered with numerous organizations, from government agencies, private organizations and NGOs to assist them in enhancing their management competency and corporate performance through the development and delivery of customised in house corporate training programs. The outcomes required by our clients are broad and varied and may include the implementation of strategic change, organizational development, cultural change and enhancing managerial leadership capabilities. Once the client's required outcomes are specified, a dedicated team of training consultants will be appointed to design and deliver a customize program that is coherent, relevant and of sustainable benefit to our corporate clients. AVENTIS PARTNERSHIP PROGRAM At Aventis, we plan, deliver and evaluate programmes in consultation with our clients so as to ensure a disciplined integration of conceptual knowledge with current business practices. The aim is to deliver effective transferable results and ensure that learning and development continues back in the office. A typical workshop covers theoretical, practical and experiential components. AVENTIS APPROACH Partnership - programs are developed in partnership between Aventis and the client organisation Alignment - programs are clearly linked to the organisation's strategic objectives Outcomes focused - programs are designed to meet identified learning objectives and the latest in management thinking is provided Practicality - programs are based on appropriate management theory but are delivered in a highly practical and applied context Evaluation and improvement - the learning process is regularly evaluated to ensure that new organisational objectives are incorporated Quality Delivery - program faculty are carefully selected to meet client needs and to facilitate the optimum learning outcomes for participants AVENTIS PROJECT DEVELOPMENT CYCLE Aventis team of experts follow a tried and tested approach towards the project development cycle which will incorporates an in-depth professional training need assessment programme which includes 1. Client brief 2. Situation assessment M 3. Planning 4. Programme design 5. Learning solutions 6. Delivery 7. Evaluation 8. Reinforcement / Action learning 9. Measurement 10. Debrief / Follow-up


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