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About Mindwerkz Solutions
Country : Singapore
Category : Others
Mindwerkz Solutions positions itself in customizing a comprehensive range of business solutions, training and development for corporates and individuals, tailored to meet clients’ needs to achieve their business and human performance goals. We are passionate and committed in what we do:- Deliver professional and high standard services to enable the growth of individuals in their professional lives coupled with enhancement of their personal lives. Maximize the effectiveness of training through creative and innovative techniques, propelling people and businesses to reach their peak potentials and wealth creation. Widen our influence to the industry sectors where we believe our involvement can make a valued contribution in lifelong learning and development. Our Values - Serve with sincerity and integrity - Honing our skills continuously to improve performance - Adapt to changes and exercise flexibility - Respect for ourselves, our clients, partners and associates and treat everyone with importance - Excel to be the best – with commitment and passion Mindwerkzs Solutions - Empower your creative ideas - Elevate your creative minds - Teach, Learn & Share LIST OF TRAINING PROGRAMS / WORKSHOPS For Corporates: - Personal Effectivenness & Development - How To Gain Confidence In Public Speaking? - Communication In The Workplace - Basic Business Writing - Effective Business Writing - Effective Presentation Skill - Managing Stress In The Workplace - Working In A Team - How to Handle Difficult Customers? - Delighting Customers - Change Management - FISH! Managing Fun At WORKFish!


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