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About Art of Voice Company Pte Ltd
Country : Singapore
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Art of Voice is proud to be Singapore's first and only company specializing in Voice Coaching and Voice Training Programmes designed to promote Effective Communication for executives and professionals, developed by experienced broadcasters.

Former radio broadcaster & asst director at Mediacorp Singapore, Jessica Seet is the founder and principal coach of Art of Voice. A veteran media professional whose 19 years experience include management & leadership roles, radio broadcasting, news reporting, emceeing, hosting, mentoring & coaching, as well as being a professional voiceover talent for million dollar TV & radio advertising campaigns.

Jessica specialises in both one to one executive voice and speech coaching as well as group workshops. Her personal style & approach result in vibrant, energizing and inspiring sessions. She brings a wealth of experience and expertise as a practitioner of effective communication.

Her unique background and extensive experience empowers individuals to take control of and maximise their potential in a most fundamental but generally overlooked area of communication, voice and speech. Without voice, there is no speech!

So many individuals remain trapped by old, detrimental habits and communication patterns that hinder their personal and professional growth.

Art of Voice is dedicated and devoted to enabling you to'Unlock Your Hidden Voice'. To communicate distinctly with purpose and intent & then to move, motivate and inspire others!


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