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About everydayExcel Business Lab Pte Ltd
Country : Singapore
Category : Others
EverydayExcel's value-add to businesses is in offering businesses database solutions and creating business models using the accessible, inexpensive Excel tool. We provide solution-based Microsoft® Excel training and customised Excel sessions that effectively create laboratory platforms for participants to apply what they learn to diverse business situations they are currently in.

At EverydayExcel, we don't teach people how to use Excel as an end in itself. We teach people how to use it as a means to an end; that to apply the skills and techniques in solving solve their various business problems. For us, there is a huge difference in the two. We do not set out to train people to become gurus in using Excel who are unable to apply it to real-life business situations.

We engage with our training participants in such a way that they are triggered to relate what they learn in Excel to their business problems that they face, and then go step by step to tell them how to approach them by creating powerful solutions in Excel. We don't want to be misunderstood as a computer skills training school because this is not we are founded to be. We are called to be experts in creating business solutions using Excel because what we saw the huge knowledge gap between the Excel expert users and the business people. We come in to marry the both - technology and art.

Also, EverydayExcel believes that no two businesses are alike in any aspect, so no cookie cutter approach. The case studies we provide in the labs for every person who comes to us for training, seeking solutions for their organisation issues, are customised and developed such that they can be made relevant to their business environments and that optimal results can be visualised.


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