RapidStart Pte Ltd

About RapidStart Pte Ltd
Country : Singapore
Category : Others
RapidStart is an authorized training partner of Global Science & Technology Forum (GSTF), pioneer in offering training and certification programs in this region. For the past 14 years, RapidStart has conducted IT training program. Participants from both the government (eg. IDA, MOM, DSTA, MINDEF, TP, NP, SP, SLA, etc.) and private (eg. Changi Airport Group, ST Electronics, HP, Nokia, HGST, SAP, SingTel, Mitsubishi, Natsteel, 3M, Daikin, etc) sectors as well as individuals. We also deliver customized training programs to corporations.

Our comprehensive training and certification programs are developed in global collaboration with some of the brightest minds in these technologies. Our training programs are non-vendor centric and technology based. Tools used in training are largely Open-Source based. We specialize on Cloud Computing and Business Analytics including Big Data and Data Science.

RapidStart courses are supported by the CITREP funding under the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA).


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