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Country : Singapore
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Asia Gold Bell (AGB) Education is a Singapore-based organisation apt in the field of developing and facilitating innovative programmes. With their 3 different business wings, Government/Corporate, School and Public, AGB Education offers a holistic approach for individuals seeking to conquer the realms of knowledge and achieve their peak performance!

AGB?Education is currently the sole training organization to conduct the nation-wide Workfare Training Support Scheme (WTS) Motivational Workshop for mandarin group, spearheaded by Workforce Development Agency (WDA).

We have also forged a close relationship with the Employment and Employability Institute (NTUC - e2i), a governmental agency targeted at improving the employability skills of the country’s workforce. AGB Education is currently the training provider for Executive Workshop (EW) targeted at PMEs (Professionals, Managers and Executive) and Employability Camp (EC) targeted at rank and file workers,- all of which were attended by more than 30,000 jobseekers and retrenched personnel.

Well versed in the art of employability and job skills. AGB Education Centre has also formulated and is currently conducting the Employability Skills Workshop for Central Singapore CDC. This program, not unlike the one above, is targeted at the general population and is aimed at providing its attendees with the necessary skills and etiquette to not only find a job but also be successful with those who chose them to be under their employ.

Currently in the pipeline and scheduled for a pilot run in January, AGB Education Centre will be conducting an Employability workshop for North East CDC. Targeted to be a booster session and to be placed between the 2-3 weeks waiting period for NECDC’s client who are pending for the announcement of their Pre-Computer Adaptive Test (CAT) results, this employability workshop will provide essential skills for NECDC clients to be ready for future job opportunities after they have completed their WPL course.

Together with North West CDC, AGB Education Centre provided a wide magnitude of talk sessions for NWCDC’s outreach programs and in assisting in the Employer Networking Session at Republic Polytechnic with the purpose of encouraging employers to send their staff for the WTS scheme, the talk was widely accepted by the employers resulting in a positive response from employers to step forth and commit their organisation to take part in the WTS Scheme.

Another partner that is actively working together with AGB Education Centre, Chinese Development Assistance Council (CDAC), has been engaging our services for the past 3 years. Involved in a wide magnitude of their programs, AGB Education Centre focuses on its strength of employability programs and had conducted a myriad range of programs uniquely to CDAC.

AGB Education had supported the Women’s Development Secretariat in its efforts to enhance the employability of those under its purview. With this in mind, AGB Education Centre has been conducting various Employability Skills workshops to help fortify the above aim.

AGB Education’s corporate focus is committed to empowering individuals with useful, applicable skills via innovative Human Asset Re-engineering Programmes (HARP) and initiatives; adding value and creating well-rounded professionals. AGB Education aids organisations to maximize and expose their latent potential, whilst retaining a competitive edge in today’s altering climates.


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